Robot Coupe CL40 Vegetable Preparation Machine
Robot Coupe CL40 Vegetable Preparation Machine
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The Robot Coupe CL40 commercial vegetable preparation machine is renowned for its processing capacity due to the large hopper which allows bulky vegetables to be processed. With a range of 48 discs, the CL40 is highly capable of slicing, riplecutting, grating & slicing into sticks, strips or dice. The CL40 is constructed from stainless steel, making it extremely robust and durable and designed for the intensive use.

• Ergonomics

- Compact table-top model, easy to clean and simple to store - even in the tiniest of kitchens.

• Two Feed Hoppers
- The large hopper (surface area: 104 cm²) can hold up to 7 tomatoes.

- The cylindrical feed tube (Ø 58 mm) ensures uniform cutting of long, thin fruit and vegetables.

• Sturdiness

Stainless-steel bowl and all-metal motor unit.

• Lateral ejection

- Space Saving

• Exceptional cutting quality

- With the CL 40, you can choose between a wide variety of cuts, even when dealing with delicate vegetables - slicing or dicing tomatoes is no longer a problem! The stainless-steel* discs are dishwasher compatible.


Product Specifications

Model Number
Type Vegetable Preparation Machine
Voltage (V)
230 1 Phase (Other Available)
Frequency (Hz) 50
Electrical Power (Watts) 500
Speeds  500rpm 
Operating Time  40kg per hour
Processing Time Up to 180kg per hour
Available Discs 28
Number of Meals 20 to 80


Product Dimensions

Width (mm) 224
Depth (mm)
Height (mm) 590
Weight (Kg) 18



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